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Dreamy Dress Ups

DREAMY DRESS-UPS®: WINGS, MASKS & MORE FUN STUFF FOR KIDS! FUN ROLE PLAY FOR AGES 3-6 YEARS: Each dress-up wings + mask set, comes equipped with two elastic shoulder straps and soft loops at the fingers for little ones to easily slip on. No wires, so kids can even hop in the car without having to take their wings off! SILKY STURDY DRESS-UP ACCESSORIES: Soft silky-sheer fanciful fabric wings with matching sateen mask for kids to easily transform into bees, birds, butterflies and more with vibrant colors making their way flying across the stage or throughout your house and garden. DURABLE QUALITY: Made to last and to be passed down to younger siblings. ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Dreamy Dress-Ups® cotton gift bag
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