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Moonlite came about in the most organic of ways, through a bedtime ritual with my daughter, Chloe. Chloe loved to do shadow play at night before she went to bed. We would create entire stories using our hands and the flashlight from my mobile phone. We would make up various stories and scenes: A puppy would come by, then a bird, a bunny and more. I could see how much she loved doing this and the look in her eye as she was gazing at these shadows was incredible to witness, it was magic to her and I was the source of this magic. Soon this shadow play became part of our bedtime ritual. She loved using her imagination to create her own stories and while making different shadows. I knew there had to be a way to improve this and make it even more magical. I pretty much scoured the entire internet and couldn't find anything that would do what I was looking for, so like any diligent engineer, I decided to make something myself. :) I had imagined a mini-projector that could be attached to any phone, that would leverage the flash source from the phone to project images onto the ceiling. I imagined reels that could be inserted into this projector that would contain imagery from different stories. And finally, I visualized an app that would contain all of the wording to these stories so that parents could read to their children with ease, in a truly magical, engaging way.

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