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SCROLLINO: A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! The Scrollino brand focuses on creating and producing its own unique invention - Scrollino® the revolutionary rewinding book. Our collections offer design stationery, beautifully illustrated stories, kids learning tools, activities, fun games and much more! OUR PHILOSOPHY Raise awareness of the possibility of having fun without having to use electricity or internet; through a new reading format promoting the development of intellectual and motor skills. With over 12 years of experience in the publishing industry, we have always had the desire to create our own media. We created a simple and interactive tool that inspires and develops the creativity and imagination of everyone! NATURAL COMPOSITION Our Scrollino are made with sustainable and recyclable materials of organic origin. The rewinding system is produced with 100% compostable Biofibra material. ZERO WASTE Our state of mind on design and manufacture forces us to minimize waste as much as possible. Each production step is optimized according to the raw material used. RECYCLED MATERIALS The choice to have raw material suppliers labeled FSC, ECF, PEFC and ETV allows us to have an ecological and responsible product. LOCAL MANUFACTURING Our raw materials come mainly from the Czech Republic or Germany. By choosing to settle in Prague, we were able to reduce our footprint by 80%!

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