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Little Otja

Little Otja is a lifestyle brand for modern families and everyone that wants to bring a touch of playfulness into their life. Our work is based on quality design and carefully thought-out products. We encourage the use of imagination and try to impart a sense of beauty to children. We strive to act responsibly: we use natural materials and responsive manufacturing whenever we can. We've always been driven by values and they’ve guided us in creating the Little Otja story. DESIGN-FOCUSED Our products are based on quality design and our characters possess a childlike simplicity that sparks the imaginations of kids ... and kids at heart. QUALITY CONTENT ATTENTIVE Our animals live in the Pine Forest, a world pretty much like our own, except that the time passes a bit more slowly over there and that the air is just a bit cleaner. These aren’t huge differences by any means, but they do make life in the Forest much nicer. CHANGE-DRIVEN Otja likes to think about the world and ponder the mysteries of life. He just loves to share his ideas with children. He’ll share them with you too, if you lend him your ears. NATURE-FRIENDLY We care about the world we live in. That’s why we try to use high-quality natural materials and responsive manufacturing whenever we can. All of our products are made in collaboration with 100% friendly companies around the world. We do not want to put any extra stress on the environment — so that the air in the Pine Forest can stay clean.

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