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The Mouse Mansion (hetmuizenhuis)

 The Mouse Mansion is a world in itself, which is discovered by best friends Sam and Julia. It has more than one hundred mouse sized rooms full of houses, shops, streets and outside spaces. Every room has its own inhabitant, with a history, a personality and family ties. Tales of everyday life in The Mouse Mansion teach important lessons on craftmanship, inclusivity and community. Whether you are seeking entertainment, creativity or play - The Mouse Mansion is here for an uplifting, inspiring and fulfilling pastime!


Sam and Julia are best friends. They both live in The Mouse Mansion, each in their own little mouse house. Sam and Julia love to take you on adventures. Every day they discover new places and get to know other residents of the Mouse Masion, each with their own stories. Will you come exploring with them?

Sam lives in the middle of the Mouse Mansion. He lives there with his mum, dad, brothers and sisters. He has two grandfathers, two grandmothers and two uncles and aunts. Sam is incredibly shy and always acts like a good little mouse. When he's with his best friend Julia he does things he otherwise wouldn't even dream of. Sam and Julia are the very best of friends. They complete each other.

Julia and her mum live on the sixth floor of the Mouse Mansion in a teeny tiny flat. She doesn't have a dad or siblings or any other family for that matter. Sam is her family. Julia is extremely curious and very very headstrong. She's not a fan of boring. As soon as she feels even a hint of boredom she ventures outside and goes on an adventure, dragging a willing Sam along.

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